Two-Time IRONMAN™ & Four-Time IRONMAN™ 70.3 Champion Triathlete Sarah Piampiano Joins Cercacor as Athlete Ambassador

Cercacor today announced top-ranked IRONMAN™ triathlete Sarah Piampiano is the most recent champion to join Cercacor as an Athlete Ambassador. Cercacor makes Ember® – the world’s first non-invasive hemoglobin tracker for endurance athletes. Ember enables endurance athletes and their trainers to non-invasively measure hemoglobin, oxygen content, oxygen saturation, perfusion index, pleth variability index, pulse rate, and respiration rate in as fast as 30 seconds using only light.

Piampiano earned 7th-place finishes at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona in both 2015 and 2016. A 4X IRONMAN 70.3 and 2X IRONMAN™ champion, she lives and trains in San Rafael, California. As part of her work as a Cercacor Athlete Ambassador, Piampiano will talk about her experiences using Ember in training and race preparation through social media, her and Cercacor’s websites, videos and limited appearances.

Piampiano worked 90 hours a week and traveled 14 days a month around the world as an investment banker for several years before trying her first triathlon at age 28. A natural and long-time athlete, it came easy and she was hooked. A little more than two years later, she became a full-time, professional triathlete.

Smaller than a smartphone and using only light, Ember enables users easy and immediate access to key data about their bodies as part of their strategic training regimen. Users download the Ember app to their (Apple / iOS) smartphone or tablet, which then connects to the Ember device via Bluetooth. Athletes and trainers use the app to view, build a historic record, and segment and track their collective data. Ember is available on Cercacor’s website,

“The recovery aspect of training is so important,” explained Piampiano. “I was excited about using a device that can so easily give me important feedback about my body’s response to training loads. Ember greatly impacts my training and recovery. There have been numerous times when we have seen that I am not recovering well from a training block or after a race (or after my recent bike crash). My coach and I have changed my whole training plan to allow for more recovery."

“Sarah’s story is inspiring and really symbolizes the personal journey to find your true calling and give it everything you have – using all you have,” stated Cercacor’s VP of Marketing Mel Chiba.

About Cercacor:

Cercacor is an innovator of non-invasive, easy-to-use monitoring technologies. The company helps people access key health indicators – empowering them to better understand their bodies, enhance their fitness levels and reach their full potential. Cercacor is passionate about finding better ways to help endurance athletes and everyday people achieve the extraordinary. Its technologies are licensed by Masimo Corporation, a publicly traded, global leader in the development and distribution of non-invasive monitoring solutions in the healthcare professional market. (Online press kit:

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